Green Moluccas, a small action with a big hope

Green Moluccas founded in February, 12, 2012 in Ambon, Indonesia by Irene Sohilait and friends.

We started to work as a small movement. but we have a big big heart and hope for Maluku.

We dreamed about a Clean, Healthy, and green Maluku.

Green Moluccas, Green Moluccas name, and Green Moluccas logo already registered in Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Republic of Indonesia, and this year in 2018, we started to work as a systematic movement and prepared ourselves to be an official Foundation.

We work together with the Government of Indonesia, communities, foundations, and all other institutions and personals with open hands and open heart.

Come, join us, let’s work together, dari Maluku untuk Indonesia. (from Maluku to Indonesia)