Concept Statement

Every community follows its own unique timeline in the process of development. In all cases, there comes a time when residents, business owners, governments and institutions must work together to take action.


From that point on, the complex work of designing sustainable and cost-effective waste management takes place.


To support this process, we have drafted a concept statement which serves as a guideline and ultimately a foundation for making policies and rules on cooperation.


This concept statement was created through collaboration between the initiators of Green Moluccas. In that regard, any village that wishes to become involved will also benefit from the experience and knowledge gained by other villages. The initiators are the torchbearers of Green Moluccas. They support and inform one another.


In terms of content, the concept is based on the latest scientific and technological insights. The principles of corporate social responsibility form the foundation.


Based on the principle of “turning waste into an end product,” Green Moluccas wishes to contribute to a circular economy. The goal is to save the ecosystem and immediate living environment without losing sight of economic concerns. This concept will observe all current legislation and rules, which we will also consider to be the minimum standard.


Concept Statement:


As the leaders of [village name], we wish to take the lead in giving waste a second life.


We want to contribute to limiting the environmental impact of waste on air, water and soil, in our village and surrounding villages, by no long burning household waste or dumping it on the street or in the sea.


First, we wish to separate waste for collection to the greatest extent possible. After collection, we will sort waste even further and exploit it wherever possible. Sorted waste will be made suitable for re-use, recycling and other creative and organic applications, wherever possible.


Waste which can neither be re-used nor recycled, will be separated into “hazardous” and “non-hazardous” and temporarily stored at a central landfill which is equipped with the best safety measures possible to prevent pollution of the soil and drinking water. As soon as improved techniques become available, these will be applied to create a definitive solution.


We strive toward developing efficient, high-quality and sustainable waste treatment. In cooperation with suppliers, we strive toward reducing the amount of waste and promoting a healthy environment for living and working.


As the leaders of our village, we want to learn to use the principle of corporate social responsibility as a standard when issuing permits. In the future, we as the government wish to be seen in our village as leaders in adopting a responsible waste management policy.


We wish to be a government that follows an energy-efficient policy and devotes attention to maintaining the ecosystem and respecting cultural values and norms. To that end, we wish to conduct effective and transparent management, ensuring continuity and creating job opportunities.


We wish to make [village name] into a village that we can be proud of our clean living environment, where we can all live in comfort and where tourists will be attracted to visit.


We wish to establish sustainable solutions and cooperation in partnership with the leaders of neighboring negeris. We wish to learn how to work in accordance with the method of lean management which involves continual evaluation and improvement of work processes.