Spreading information

National legislation


2008 General Waste Management Act


2012 Reduce, Re-use, Recycle / Bank Sampah


2012 Concerning waste in the public space


Happy Green World produces schoolbooks for pupils on the primary school (SD) level which adhere to international quality standards and correspond to Indonesian government policy. Digital editions of these books are free to use. They can also be purchased in print form and they are distributed by ECO Flores.


Green Books ships a complete eco-library, even directly to the destination village. This initiative works on the basis of crowd funding. It is fairly simple to arrange for the right books and lesson plans to be sent to the places that need them most. This can be organized on any level: family, association, kumpulan, etc.



Our “Green Moluccas specialist” in the area of education is Ada Lilipaly-de Voogt. Ada has developed extensive educational material for Moluccan primary schools under the Flushing-Ambon environmental project and has recently updated all the materials (September 2015). The material is made available strictly for non-commercial purposes. The original documents can be retrieved through this website.



Educational film clips on YouTube:

Educators, parents and pupils greatly appreciate it when you save the right video clips on a memory stick and bring them with you on your vacation to the Moluccas. Here such films are usually not available for download because of the low capacity of the internet connection. A message sent via Whatsapp or Facebook is often a better option than e-mail. Videos longer than two minutes or files larger than 1.5 MB are problematic. Download the Eco Maluku examples before you depart or send a message to our site and you will be sent the latest editions.


Use of social media is popular in Maluku.


Instruction and education (communication) is the most important means at our disposal to realize the behavioral changes and to influence thinking about the living environment. Social media is also a powerful tool.



By sending messages, encouragements, interesting pictures or giving an opportunity to practice how to write in English, we maintain contact with the younger generation who will increasingly become the leaders and policymakers in the Moluccas.